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19-07-1998 IC-746 out of range TX/RX English language (1 Kbytes)
11-12-1999 IC-746 Modification English language (2 Kbytes)
25-10-2000 Extended RX/TX for IC-746 English language (0 Kbytes)
02-12-2000 Separating the Tx and Rx lines English language (1 Kbytes)
02-07-2001 Power mod for the IC-746 English language
20-10-2001 Solutions for chip blowing with mPC English language (33 Kbytes)
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Power mod for the IC-746
Author: NI4L -

Remove bottom cover.

Find the voice module plug-in.Right behind it you will see 4 pots

R993 144 mhz power adj
R991 50 mhz power adj
R989 HF bands power adj
R990 AM power adj

You can tweak these to up the power suggest on hf doing it on 40 meters. you can get close to180 watts on 40-75 meters about 125 to 150 on 20-10.

The pots are very small be careful not to use something to big. the are all metal pots.


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